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3 Ways to Work Out on Vacation

Updated: Apr 4

Snorkeling can help you stay active on vacation

Working out and vacation don’t exactly go hand in hand. Nonetheless, snubbing your fitness goals for a week or two can make it harder to find the motivation when you return. Fortunately, by packing workout essentials and making time for a sweat session, you can avoid drifting away from your progress on vacation.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of staying active on trips. Then, we’ll explore three ways you can work out on vacation. Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Working Out on Vacation

According to a study by Expedia, 53% of Americans believe it is important to exercise while traveling. While around half of those respondents work out to balance indulgent food, others use fitness-related activities to facilitate an authentic experience and explore new surroundings. While vacation is a time to unwind, getting a quality workout each day can make your trip more enjoyable.

Furthermore, you’ll likely return to the gym feeling sluggish if you completely disregard your workout routine on vacation. When you make time for exercise, it’ll be easier to get back to your daily regimen when you return from traveling.

How to Stay Active on Vacation (3 Ways)

Hotels and rentals don’t always offer adequate fitness equipment. So, you may need to get creative if you want to exercise while traveling. Let’s take a look at three ways to work out on vacation.

1. Find a Gym

If you have a strict regimen or are working towards a strength goal, you probably don’t want to take a week or two off from training. In this case, finding a quality gym is the best way to work out on vacation.

If your accommodation already has a state-of-the-art gym facility, you’ll be set. However, many accommodations provide simple fitness rooms with a handful of cardio machines and few weights. Fortunately, you can typically find a local gym with everything you need.

For domestic travel, you can sign up for free trials at popular fitness chains, like Crunch, LA Fitness, and Planet Fitness. For international travel, you can reach out to your hotel to find local options that offer day passes.

2. Travel with Workout Equipment

If you travel with workout equipment, you’ll have all the tools necessary to transform your hotel room into a personal gym. Accordingly, you won’t need to find a gym or rely on outdated fitness centers. Plus, you’ll be more likely to work out when you have the tools in front of you. 

If you drive to your destination, you can bring your favorite weights or a mini stepper. However, if you’re flying and need to pack light, we suggest:

  • Resistance bands

  • 1-2 lb walking weights

  • A pilates ball

  • A jump rope

You can also schedule virtual one-on-one personal training sessions to ensure you stay on track during vacation. A fitness coach will tailor sessions around the equipment you can access, even if it’s just your body weight. That way, you can get a solid workout and continue working towards your goals on vacation.

3. Schedule a Workout into Your Itinerary

Even when you have the tools and a gym at your disposal, you may not have the motivation to get a workout in. However, putting it on your schedule can give you the push you need to get it done. 

For example, you can wake up 30 minutes early and start your day with a morning walk to explore:

Work out on vacation with a morning walk

Exercising first thing in the morning will boost your mood and give you energy for the rest of your daily activities. You can also schedule adventurous excursions in place of a workout. Activities such as snorkeling, hiking, or a bike tour, will get your heart rate up and keep you active. That way, you won’t need to set aside additional time for a dedicated workout.

Follow These Tips to Stay Active on Vacation

Pausing your regular workouts can help your body reset during vacation. Nevertheless, maintaining an exercise routine (even a low-impact one) can help you maintain your fitness level and avoid feeling sluggish when you return.

To recap, here are three ways to stay active on vacation:

  1. Find a gym.

  2. Travel with workout equipment.

  3. Schedule a workout into your itinerary.

Are you ready to get a jumpstart on your fitness goals? Get a free consultation with a strength and conditioning coach today!

Image credit: Pexels, Pexels


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